Tree root infestation in septic and storm lines is a common issue.  The trees may not even be in your yard, they could be in your neighbors yard!  So what can be done when the flow slows due to compaction of roots?

1. Cut Tree Roots Mechanically
One of the most common techniques is to use a mechanical auger. The mechanical method of root removal involves sending a powered sewer auger down a sewer line. The rotating head is covered in teeth much like a reciprocating saw blade. The rotating action cuts the roots, clearing them, but they will growing back almost immediately.  It is a very short term solution to what will be an ongoing issue.  

2. Chemical Tree Root Removal
There are special chemicals designed to kill a tree’s root structure so it doesn’t grow back. Copper sulfate septic treatments are the most common. Let’s face it, we too HATE to use chemicals!  But if the budget is tight, products such as Root-Ex will surely help.  Again – It is a very short term solution to what will be an ongoing issue.  

3. Dig Up Invasive Tree Roots
Sometimes a septic or storm line can’t be cleaned or cleared with chemicals, or an auger if it’s been damaged too badly or the tree roots have become compacted. To assess the extent of the damage, consider investing in a camera inspection that records the inside of the line. A camera inspection allows a technician to show the homeowner exactly what needs to be done to correct the problem. It usually involves taking some measurements, soil samples and digging up the portion of compromised line and replacing it. 

Tree Roots Compacted in a Storm Line


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